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The Marinha Grande Museum of Glass mission is to study, preserve and disseminate the material and immaterial testimonies of mankind and its environment, regarding glass as material and artistic matter of aesthetic and industrial expression, as well as a factor of identity and cultural and social meaning.


It is the only museum in Portugal specifically dedicated to the study of the art and craft of the glass industry, offering a diverse cultural programme, representing one of the most important educational centres for individual and collective culture on the subject of glass.


The exhibition, divided into two different spaces, gathers collections and knowledge witnessing the industrial, craft and artistic Portuguese glass industry, since the mid-17th/18th century until the present time:


Stephens Palace

This Palace is a building of neoclassical inspiration, built in the second half of the 18th century and classified as a Public Interest Building. Integrated into the Stephens Heritage nucleus (former Royal Glass Factory of Marinha Grande), the museum is dedicated to artistic glass, as well as to the technology of glass production for different purposes such as decorative, utilitarian and scientific, in an exhibition area that reflects the evolution of the glass industry in Portugal.


The Glass Museum Contemporary Art Nucleus

The Glass Museum Contemporary Art Nucleus is located in a modern building of three floors built in metal and glass, integrated in the former Resin Factory of Marinha Grande, next to the Stephens Buildings. It gathers a set of works that represent about 25 years of contemporary glass art created in Portugal, as well as a selection of glass works by international artists, acquired or donated to the museum’s collection.


The Museum also offers a production and glass decoration workshop, used by artists and craftsmen of Marinha Grande who work various techniques live, and where it is possible to contact directly with the practice of glass activity in a shop context.



Palácio Stephens





Tel. +351244573377



Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday | 10.00am/6.00pm

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