the stained glass museum in krakow

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The Stained Glass Museum in Krakow was established in the historical and still functioning stained glass studio (Krakow Stained Glass Company S.G. Zelenski founded in 1902).

Apart from hosting a permanent exhibition of stained glass and its designs from the 1st half of XX century, the Museum also demonstrates the process of creating stained glass, which has remained unchanged for centuries. The structure of the building where the Museum is currently located and which was built especially for the needs of the studio has also not changed. The house’s interiors and the workshop’s equipment, along the route of the “life Museum”, retain their original character.

Part of the Museum constitutes a Gallery of Modern Glass. Temporary exhibitions at the Gallery present works by artists who, whilst experimenting with glass, often go beyond the classical stained glass projects, creating modern sculptures and glass installations

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