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Venice, situated in the north-east of Italy, is the capital of the Veneto Region.
In 2009, there were 270,098 people residing in Venice (the population estimate of 272,000 inhabitants includes the population of the whole City of Venezia; around 60,000[2] in the historic city of Venice (Centro storico); 176,000 in Terraferma (the Mainland), mostly in Mestre and Marghera; 31,000 live on other islands in the lagoon). The City of Venice, as a local democratic government, exercises within its own functions, it manages and plans services, activities and procedures that concern culture, social welfare, sport, tourism, environment, civil protection, commerce, public and private building and education.

The City of Venice, promotes and plans, according to the principles of democracy, participation, transparency and solidarity, the quality of life for its citizens and guests.

Through the twinning relationships with other national and international municipalities, it also gives great relevance to the promotion of peace policies and co-operation on economic, social and democratic issues. It protects the environment and living species and promotes the sustainable development.”

The responsibility of the EGE project management is in charge of the City of Venice (European Policies Department), which has a decennial experience in managing EU funded project.

The European Policies Department is a City office that collaborates with public bodies, publicly owned companies and other institutions in the area in order to obtain European Union financing to be utilised for the socio-economic growth of the city of Venice.

The City of Venice during the last 2 years have been working in the definition of an action plan for Murano island, where the Venice glass museum is located. The final document was published in October 2012 and includes guidelines for the coordination of actions, economy recover and urban regeneration also with the involvement of local stakeholders and glass producers.



City of Venice
San Marco 4136
30124 Venice
Veneto – Italy

Tel. 041 2747817
Fax. 041 2747813

Paola Ravenna EU Policies Manager
Giuseppe Mella Senior officer EU Policies, EGE coordinator
Lada Vetrini EGE financial manager
Enrico Coniglio EGE project support


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